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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Reminisce: Nigeria's Current Most Lewd Artiste?

In an industry which is fast becoming saturated with nudity and sexual expressiveness as a mode of trending and gaining widespread acceptance and recognition, it is not surprising that many upcoming artiste albeit, more significantly established artistes now prefer to showcase over the top sexuality through their lyrics and music visuals as a means of carving a niche for themselves in the industry.
From MAHEEDA's Sexy Bad Girl to CYNTHIA MORGAN's German Juice to JHYBO's Lomo and even the infamous OLAMIDE, PHYNO and LIL KESH's Ladi, it is evident that there is a casual vibe about how "dirty" one can make their music and get away with it and even get more "love" from it.
However in this genre of lewd music, one name is beginning to stand out. Without resort to his old works, let's talk about the most recent offerings like "TESOJUE" with a lot of sexually driven lyrics and an 18+ video to "SKILASHII" and most recently "KPOMO" which caps it all, it seems REMINISCE is fast taking up the crown as Nigeria's most lewd rapper and musician and this new found love for been "raw" seems to be paying the bills as he is getting more recognition these days and isn't relenting.
Is there any other artiste there who is dropping more 'matured content' materials than REMINISCE? Funny enough, it seems we are the most hypocritical people on earth, as we enjoy more of these songs and videos with 'mature content' rather than the normal hip-hop tunes from REMINISCE. Well as long as it pays and works for him, who are we to judge. But then a certain ease has to be taken with the way such contents keep been released by REMINISCE, it could get effing boring! Or is it getting? Well, I'll drop my pen at this juncture, and I would love to know if you agree with me that REMINISCE is officially Nigeria's most lewd artiste of 2015.


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