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Friday, June 17, 2016

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: ItzTega talks about his up and coming music career in Nigeria & his 2016 latest project.

Nairatunes : Let's get to know itztega

ItzTega: Owivri Oghenetega, a student of Accra institute of Technology, currently based in Ghana and popularly known by his stage name ItzTega.An artiste who hails from Delta State, Nigeria and is tremendously forging a unique reputation for himself with the recent release of his first Single, Letter to The Mentors with Emperor.
Repping D.C.M.G alongside label mates Emperor and Pryma, ItzTega is popularly known for the recent released  song #Letter2TheMentors alongside Emperor.Which got a Retweet from MI abaga in less than 24hrs prior to its Release.

Nairatunes : What is your music background?

ItzTega: Growing up I was just a kid who was aware of every popular music and could sing along to every hit song then,also had an elder bro who loved listening to 2pac, bone thugs, and 50 Cent he was a core hip hop fan so that influenced my musical background majorly

Nairatunes: Was there a specific moment in your life where you thought,music is what I want to do

ItzTega: Yes like I said growing up I started writing flows to get off boredom as I progressed I developed a bond with music especially rap songs influenced me while growing up, and I always felt like recreating something better and extra ordinary anytime I listened to my favorite rap song, so I started writing flows just for leisure and I developed My writing skills as time went by, the more I did the more I became Better but still didn't see it as my thing until I recorded my first track "Winner" the positive feedback I got motivated me to take that bold step, I knew I could it I just believed I could

Nairatunes: As a rap artist Which famous rappers do you admire ? 

ItzTega: As a rap artist I admire legendary rappers such as 2pac, jay-z, Nas, lil wayne just to name a few, locally I admire legendary rappers such as MI, mode9, Jesse jagz, ice Prince just to name a few

Nairatunes: But who really influence your music

ItzTega: I'd say one person who influenced my music alot would be Kendrick Lamar, he is my role model

Nairatunes: How do you separate yourself from other artists?

ItzTega: ItzTega it's not like the everyday artist who just records a song and puts it out for the world to hear, every song I make is inspired, tells a story or portrays an expression that an average individual is able to relate to and understand

Nairatunes: Who do you want to work with in the future?

ItzTega: I'm open to new ideas and creativity so I can work with anyone but specifically I wish to work with the likes of Jesse jagz, ice Prince,patoranking, milli and MI

Nairatunes: Talking about your latest project your working on ,Joint collaboration with Emperor.why choose "The Truth" as the title of your Ep?

ItzTega: I and Emperor meet at AIT ghana,he was already into music then and was already working on his mixtape "Grind or Die" the kings edition. We both did freestyles together and decided to come out with something more creative ,letter to the mentors was a collaborative idea from both of us The idea was widely accepted by our management ,the producer and even down to some close friends. Me and Emperor really felt the energy we put into the song, so we started planning on dropping an Ep .
The name of the Ep "The Truth" came about when we took a peek into the entertainment industry and discovered thousands of artist and entertainers most seem to know what they are doing but don't, nowadays anyone can go to a studio and record anything pay a blogger and it's online but "The Truth" is more than that it's an expression of truthful feelings from two prodigies on their way to glory"Nothing but The Truth"

Nairatunes: What should your fans expect from your forthcoming Ep

ItzTega: Firstly the public should expect nothing but the Truth, something true and unique and totally new to the Nigerian entertainment scene. A true expression and story of two prodigies trying to make a difference

Nairatunes: Give a shout out...

ItzTega: S/o to my fans, friends and family who have always supported me since Day one, A special s/o to Emperor, Chibuzor,Mascoboy and Nog_GH for their motivations and support and also A big Shout out to my Mum, the female version of me, for her prayers, advice and support.
Very soon I know I'm gonna tell her "Quit your job your boy is Made"


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