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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Lil Kesh : Is It Because I Love You Review

Lil Kesh has proven his mettle as a Star that has come to stay over the past 18months. He is the only or one of the few new school acts whose every track has turned out to be a hit. From Shoki to the Remixes to Gbese to Efejoku and now Is It Because I Love You. They have all gotten considerable buzz and all topped various charts around the country. Yet, questions keep been asked, is he a rapper or a singer. Lyrically and I No Well freestyle were Rap songs but the rest of his songs including the not so popular Last Card Freestyle have all seen him take a fast paced singing method which is definitely not Rap. But that is a discussion for some other day, today we focus on his latest singing which is fast becoming a street anthem - IS IT BECAUSE I LOVE YOU Ft. Patoranking. Laced on a YoungJon and Pheelz produced instrumental, this tune does not delve away from Lil Kesh's stylized pattern of music which is fast paced singing which could be mistaken for Rap. Patoranking's Patois influenced verse on the song almost seemed out of place for Kesh's style but somehow it blends into a perfect collaboration. With cheesy lyrics and a 2nd verse which had a line with a sexual undertone we definitely aren't surprised by Kesh's latest offering but are we going to get so used to his style that we start getting bored of it? Only time can tell. In the meantime, we have to admit, another hit is born and if a video drops for this, be rest assured it will top all charts. Lil Kesh is an artiste that has proven over and over again that sticking to one's original style and titling of one's song with 'unique' and 'corny' names will help one's music break ithe market. He may not be the perfect rapper with songs out there to represent HipHop, but he sure has a solid understanding of the industry and knows how to make music which will run the streets. Credits also have to go to the YBNL team on the Music business sense as most Push go to Lil Kesh as his commerciality is 2nd only to Olamide's in the group. We rate this new song 7/10. Its a Jam! SKIBO


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