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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tyler Perry comes out of the closet as a Gay

Tyler Perry just let out his little "secret" . . . he CAME OUT OF THE CLOSET . . . at his 45th birthday party last week. According to MULTIPLE REPORTS, the popular producer held a STAR STUDDED party last week at his Hollywood home. And he did two things that had his CLOSE FIENDS talking after the event. First, according to a source at the event - Tyler Perry announced that he was becoming a FATHER. The insider explained, "Everyone clapped when they heard the news." But then the BIG surprise. You see, the woman who is carrying his child, 28 year old Ethiopian model Gelila Bekele was at the event - WITH HER BOYFRIEND. So it was CLEAR AS HECK that the pregnancy is the result of an ARRANGEMENT. Tyler was there with is openly NEW BAE, told our insider. MediaTakeOut.com's snitch explained, "Tyler's boyfriend was a muscular lite skinned man, fine as you could imagine. Tyler wasn't even trying to pretend . . . they were BOO'D up all night." The snitch added, "Tyler is very private. I've always HEARD he was gay, but I've never seen him out publicly with a boyfriend." We're glad that Tyler had the COURAGE to be open and honest about his life with his close friends. We wonder if that means that he's ready to come out to his FANS too.


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