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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I was born to sing -Sean Tizzle tells his story to NairaTunes

Sean Tizzle burst onto the Nigerian entertainment scene with his hit song, ‘Sho lee’, his first single which was an anthem of sorts across the country in its first month of release earlier in the year. The follow up video, released recently, has also already been touted to be one of the best videos out this year. Rayme and anderson caught up with him recently where the artiste revealed some of the secrets of his instant success.
Background? My real name is Oluwaseun Oluwabamidele Morihanfen. I am from Ondo State, from a family of six but we lost one of my sisters a few years back so now we are five. I’m second to the last child.
Education? I attended C&S Primary School, Command Secondary School, Ibadan and then the University of Ibadan, where I studied Theatre Arts.
How can you describe your growing up days in Lagos? It was fun and normal maybe because I was the second to the last born and so for a long time, I enjoyed being pampered. But, basically I had a normal up-bringing.
When and how did you discover your talent for music? From a very tender age, I had always loved to sing or act so I knew that one day, it would get serious. But I didn’t just know when.
How did you start? I started from secondary school, and then I later joined a boy band of three. Then, we would gather and sing together.
When did you decide to do music professionally? I started music professionally five years ago when I met D Tunes. That same year, I got my first recording deal.
How did you come about the name Sean Tizzle? Sean is from my real name Seun, Tizzle is my piercing, just another way of expressing myself.
So, what would you say makes you unique as an artiste? I’m unique because I am just me. I am just doing my thing. I am on my own lane and focused on my race.
Tell us about some of your musical influences growing up. Back then, I remember Micheal Jackson was a great influence and 2face was always in my head. Fela was always talked about around me, so I would say Micheal Jackson, 2 face, and Fela Anikulapo Kuti.
What kind of music do you do? I do everything because I used to be a rapper and now a singer. So I can do all genres.
What challenges did you face before now? I didn’t see anything I faced or rather went through as challenges. I believe everything that happened was supposed to happen to bring me here right now, and I am grateful.
Sho Lee is your first single which is already an instant hit. What would you say was the secret to your instant success? God, a good producer and a wonderful team.
Tell us about the D Tunes connection? How did you meet? I met D Tunes in 2009 in a studio in Ikorodu that he came to.  We met and connected and ever since, we have been friends.
Now that you are signed as his artiste, what should your fans expect? Expect good music. Just good music.
Tell us about the video, ‘Sho Lee’? Who was the brain behind it? UNlimited LA and Difference Entertainment team put up a concept then agreed and then we went to shoot.
What’s next for Sean Tizzle? More good music.
Any album this year? My label would decide that when the time is right.
Any collaborations to look out for? Keep your fingers crossed.
Tell us about your normal day? At least two interviews during the day and a show at night.
How do you relax? I sleep, play video games, and chill with my team.
Favourite hangout spot? I don’t have yet.
Your favourite gadget? No favourite gadget for now.
What would you have been if not a musician? Nothing else because I was born to do this.
Would you say you are fashionable? Yes.
Your favourite fashion item (s)? My gold chains
How many do you own? Several.
Tell us something no one knows about you? I’m a very good kisser.
Last words? First, I want to thank God, D Tunes for believing in me, then my fans, my team and my family. Thank you all very much.


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