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Monday, September 2, 2013

MUSIC: BJ-Mighty Feat. Lagbaja - Gra Gra (Produced by Bj-Mighty)

He is a nigerian born, Lagos bred and Beijing based Rapper/Lyricist/DJ/Producer. Been in the game since 2002. Started out with "Tha Hard Knockaz" rap group in high school which later broke up. Went on to form TTC (Tha Truth Clan) which  broke up after he left the shores of naija.

He has moved around the most populous country on the globe preaching the gospel of Hip hop. He raps in English and Chinese and has been in the paper and TV, battle raps and competition, he has opened shows for many Chinese stars, he also opened show for America's Cassidy (Tha Hustla) in Beijing. He is currently featured on Reverbnation as the Top 1 Hip Hop and Top 2 artiste in China. Goes to show how much work dude put in.

BJ-Mighty is one of the few activist of musical lyrical content in todays naija's hiphop where "Tungba" and poor lyricism is the order of the day. "Gra Gra" is the first single off his yet to be titled upcoming album. He sampled Lagbaja's "Gragra" in the self produced single and goes off on it with so much lyrical prowess. He plays on word, he goes............

"My pen is silver, put with my pad bring fans near (Pennsylvania)
Dumbs tryna scare me but i ain't feel a deaf fear (Philadelphia)
Gat scientist injecting me cos they think no man is iller (Manilla)
But i don't want no cure, matter of fact i ain't feeling pins (Philippines)"

Then he goes on taking shots............

"These little kids acting like Sauce kid the tattoo artiste
Claim they got swag, tight jeans and some fitted cap
And thats the fakery i hate about this cats
Cos little kids becoming arrogant thinking its all swag"

He dropped his first mixtape "Tha MIGHTY Mixtape" in 2011 with only him killing all 12 tracks with no feature which earned him his first buzz online. Armed with a mad beat making skill plus with the sickest lyrical dexterity, is currently working on his album which he promise to be a "bar raiser" for the naija hiphop industry.
TWITTER: @iambjmighty


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