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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Woman Set To Marry Same Man Who Jilted Her At The Altar Twice

This i must say is the most weird story of 'love' and patience i have ever read.. 
I still cant imagine while this 37yr old lady, who has been jilted 4 times by the same man, (her 67 year old fiance) 4 whole times, and she still hasn't given up on him. she hopes this fifth time, there would be an actual wedding....

Enjoy reading ...

The preparations for a perfect summer wedding had begun. One of London’s most opulent venues had been booked and the bridal gown - a strapless, ballerina-length silk confection from Elizabeth Emanuel - stood ready on its mannequin.

A stack of embossed invitations had been printed and 90 guests had marked the date in their diaries

The wedding of model Susan Sangster to actor Frank Mughan promised to be a magnificent occasion. The reception was to be at the Hurlingham Club, a grand neo-classical mansion beside the Thames at Fulham.

As the big day in August 2008 grew closer, Susan’s excitement increased: she’d waited until she was 37 to marry and was certain Frank - cultured, charming and 24 years her senior - would be a loving and dependable husband as well as a devoted dad to her son Luke, then six, from an earlier relationship
ig gets more interesting, continue

But she’s never had a chance to find out because just as she was poised to address the invitations, Frank decided he did not want to get married after all - at least not yet. It was all too much, too soon, he said.

He suggested the wedding be downgraded to an engagement party. That way the glorious venue - for which they had paid £5,000 - would not be wasted.
Susan was understandably bereft. She and Frank had known each other for almost a year; the decision to tie the knot had not been a hasty one.

But she hid her disappointment, went along with his plan and steeled herself for the task of explaining to her family that the nuptials had been deferred.

‘I was acutely embarrassed and in floods of tears when I told my mum,’ recalls Susan. ‘But she said: “An engagement is a step forward, so don’t worry.” And Frank had apologised and reassured me that he loved me.I accepted it was a huge step for him. He was 61 and a bachelor who lived with his mother. This was his first marriage and he’d also be taking on the role of father to my son. So I was prepared to be patient. And, as he pointed out, we should do things in the right order, holding an engagement party first.’
Most women, she concedes, would be less forgiving. But Frank, she believed, was worth waiting for. Perversely, she still saw him as solid and dependable, and accepted his argument that they needed more time to organise the wedding.
I noticed him as he walked in,’ she says, ‘He’s 6ft 4in, well-built and very fit and muscular. When he spoke to me I was struck by his warm and cultured voice‘I was fascinated by him. He’s an excellent listener, amusing and emotionally supportive,’ says Susan, who was still smarting from the break-up of her relationship with Luke’s father, an eye surgeon. ‘The fact he’d been in movies did entice me. I thought he was a bit of a catch.’
Frank wasted no time in suggesting they meet again. The relationship flourished and, although initially disquieted by the age gap, Susan conceded that Frank looked much younger than his years.
He met her family, then whisked her off for a romantic weekend in Paris. An impartial observer could not have failed to believe he was madly in love with her. From the off, there was a tacit agreement that marriage would follow. Indeed, he bought her a diamond engagement ring, and talk turned to weddings.

‘It was an easy conversation - we both mentioned marrying at various times. In the end we said: “Let’s just do it!” ’ remembers Susan.

She began organising their wedding. ‘I saw an outfit for Luke. I bought my dress. Then his sister, Sharon, who’s a member of the Hurlingham Club, helped us get the room there. I thought, “Wow!” It was the perfect wedding venue.’


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