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Friday, June 14, 2013

VIDEO Of Breast Ironing In Cameroon! Sick!!!

Breast Ironing is a process of messing with natural development of the young girls’ breasts still practised in some parts of Africa, especially in Cameroon. An intent is to flatten the chest of a girl considered too young for things intended for mature women.
Typically, Breast Ironing is carried out by mothers of the girl and typically, it is because mothers have different plans for them, plans which could get marred if the girl was courted by a man, fell in love and become pregnant (single mother not wanting her daughter to also become single mother?).
Whether Breast Ironing delivers actual results or not is irrelevant. Cameroon women believe it does so they often subject their daughters to it. To carry Breast Ironing out, mothers apply heated pestle to the girl’s breasts, tapping or grinding the tissue in hopes that it will stop and reverse the growth of the titties.
The thing is – because of how messed up our society is, some barbaric acts are deemed, well… barbaric while others are considered normal or even beneficial. Male circumcision is hands down the most barbaric act young boys can be subjected to, yet because of systematic brainwash, circumcision is not seen by victims of brainwash as such. Likewise, because Breast Ironing is properly demonized, it is naturally perceived as something incredibly horrific.
In places like Indonesia or the Philippines, boys are brainwashed into believing that they will remain unworthy men until such time that they have their penises mutilated. The same applies for countries under the Jewish influence whereas the public is brainwashed into believing that male genital mutilation somehow makes the men more attractive and less prone to infections. And of course, brainwashed public, like proper sheep that they are, believes what they’re told.
Because Breast Ironing is on the opposite spectrum of things – properly demonized by feminists, aka a conglomeration of single mothers who glorify failed womanhood as a means of manipulating unworthy men, I anticipate the general perception to be exceptionally negative.


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